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“O Pint Diário” is a content project focused on Traditional Irish Music.


Here you will find articles; fresh news from the emerald island, Brazil and the rest of the world; coverage of concerts, festivals and sessions; interviews with artists from the current scene; playlists and many other things!

The idea came from the desire to share and promote this music that is still so alive, both in Brazil and Ireland, in a more accessible way for Portuguese speakers.

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Mila Maia


Paula Camacho

Mila Maia is a flutist and currently lives in Galway, Ireland. She was a member and co-founder of the Oran band, hosting monthly sessions in the city of São Paulo and playing at festivals in Brazil, Brittany, Italy and Galicia. Today she acts and collaborates with several artists from the west of Ireland.

Paula Camacho is a flutist and guitarist. 
She is co-founder of the group Harmundi and has performed in several groups of different musical styles. She is currently a music teacher, science educator and composer.


Leonardo Ramos

Leonardo Ramos is a photographer, musician and communicator. Alongside his work with scientific communication, photography and wildlife filmmaking, he is a co-founder of the contemporary Irish music band Harmundi, and also flutes on the psychedelic rock band Avdey.

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Gustavo Lobão

Gustavo Lobão plays bodhrán and percussion. He was a member and co-founder of  Oran, currently lives in Portugal and is a bodhrán teacher.



Fernanda Faez

Director of Banana Broadway, Cia Celta Brasil and Festival Celta Brasil


Mara Alves Ferreira


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Kevin Shortall

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